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Cosmetic Fillings

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, dark spots on your teeth, tooth decay, or a damaged tooth you may want to consider a cosmetic filling. At Cannon Family Dental we want to help detect and stop the progression of tooth decay before it causes more damage to your teeth.

A cosmetic filling is necessary to restore the tooth back to its normal function and shape as well as protecting an infected or fractured tooth from further damage. These fillings made out of strong and durable composite plastic resin, is a beautiful alternative to the traditional silver amalgam filling. Unlike amalgam fillings, which are metallic and extremely, cosmetic fillings match the tooth’s natural color. When done properly, they are practically invisible.

There are many reasons to choose a cosmetic filling. The material used for fillings bonds securely, offering additional support for the remaining tooth structure.  The filling can also help prevent further damage to the tooth. It will generally last between six to twelve years, and the procedure can be done in one office visit.  At Cannon Family Dental, we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your new smile!